A. Register to Rally!

Our poll is very close to being full.  If the system does let you register.  That’s okay.  COME ANYWAY!  Help support health care and insurance reform with us on September 13, 12N-5pm, Upper Senate Park.

Register to Rally! Join the count to change health care insurance! You will be redirected to PollDaddy – a very ‘safe’ site.


Thank you for registering to rally. Place this url into your browser as a bookmark! http://www.americansunitedhcr.wordpress.com


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  2. I’ll be there!

  3. I live in DC and I will participate in the march. I support this important march to create a healthy nation that includes all Americans.

    • Do you presently have a healthcare plan through your work or that you pay for directly?? If not, your probably out of work, living with your mom, and are another leftist, statist, Obama-bot loon looking for something for free!!! Wake up you idiot!! Bigger and bigger government-run programs NEVER work!! Every time government tries to run anything, eventually it runs itself into the ground. The U.S. Postal Service is a government-run monopoly and its losing money and still can barely compete with likes of UPS and Fedex!! If they had a level playing field against USPS, the USPS would be out of business in a month!! If politicians would stop lining their pockets from their special interests “supporters” and wasting tax-payer”s money there would be more money free health clinics and lower cost health insurance. Get a clue, you brain-washed liberal DB and listen to the majority of Americans who want some major and minor reforms of the present system, but not Obamacare, government-run anything!! And don’t get me started on all of Obama’s Tzars!! What is this guy thinking (not)?? Are we in communist Russia now?? We don’t need more highly-paid government officials….we need considerably less!!! Less is always more!!! Less waste and more prosperity!
      Joe T.

      • Do not be rude and call people idiots or you may just find yourself in the idiot chair.

        From http://usgovinfo.about.com/od/consumerawareness/a/uspsabout.htm.

        The Modern Postal Service: Agency or Business?
        Until adoption of the Postal Reorganization Act of 1970, the U.S. Postal Service functioned as a regular, tax-supported, agency of the federal government.

        According to the laws under which it now operates, the U.S. Postal Service is a semi-independent federal agency, mandated to be revenue-neutral. That is, it is supposed to break even, not make a profit.

        In 1982, U.S. postage stamps became “postal products,” rather than a form of taxation. Since then, The bulk of the cost of operating the postal system has been paid for by customers through the sale of “postal products” and services rather than taxes.

        Each class of mail is also expected to cover its share of the costs, a requirement that causes the percentage rate adjustments to vary in different classes of mail, according the costs associated with the processing and delivery characteristics of each class.

      • Oh oh. The lizard people have escaped their habitat again!

      • umm yeah.. we already had a completely free market experiment with little to no gov’t interference. it was called the wild west and it sucked.

        im glad gov’t got involved. without it, seniors lived in poverty and poor health just earlier this century.

        and we saw how the free market principles of de-regulation worked for the housing industry, didn’t we?

        it went kaboom!

        • Hey Joe, the tzars or czars were the rulers of *czarist* Russia, not the communist Soviet Union, ok? The czarist period was before the communist revolution — that was the government Lenin et al overthrew. But this doesn’t actually matter, because sometimes the same word has different meanings, ok? Other presidents, including Bush II, have had czars. It doesn’t mean a Russian monarch, ok? Sorry to be always asking “ok?”, but it seems like you’re a bit confused.

          You seem confused about the other stuff, too, but the respondents above have addressed that well already.

  4. Thanks for organizing this especially on a weekend when it is easier for many of us to attend.

  5. I live in Maryland, right outside of Washington, D.C. I certainly plan to attend . . .

  6. Does anyone have a link to bus transportation going to DC from Atlanta?

    • Please look under transportation. Greyhound is listed there. Also, if there are many people going from your area call a chartered bus company. It can reduce you costs by almost 70%

    • Also look into Amtrak.

  7. I will be there with bells on!

  8. The Public Option has to be inc luded.

  9. My wife and I will be there from Blue
    Diamond, NV.

  10. I will be there in spirit I live too far away

  11. Can’t walk distance yet, but I have been very active and supportive, phonebanking, calling and sending letters to my congressional representatives, soliciting health care reform/insurance pledges, etc. I am happy to know that we are sticking together. My prayers are with all of you.

  12. I plan to come with my husband and sons. We all have insurance with deductables so high that we cannot use it except for emergency. Each year my premiums go up, my coverage goes down and the insurance company profits skyrocket.

    A public option is the only way to make insurance companies compete on a level playing field. We need to eliminate the monopoly Insurance has on the states. Open competition across state lines.

    • I am in the same position. My husband lost his job in February and with no gap started using mine. Now the insurance company is talking about prexisting conditions!! Ugggg!

      Greedy %*&^&*&*((

  13. We are organizing as a nation, joining Washington D.C. to http://www.March4Healthcare.com Coming soon to a major city near you…

  14. We’re coming too! See you on the 13th.

  15. We are flying up from Clearwater FL. This is the first political act we have ever participated (we are both 50). We’re livid about the lies and scare tactics and just plain rude behavior from the other side. Its time we show off our support for our president!

    • God Bless you Dave.


  16. Julie,

    My husband and I will be there!

    Safe travel to everyone coming to WDC…


  17. Me and my family will be there supporting a strong public option.

    See you all in DC
    on the 13th

  18. I live in WV and would love to join a group that is perhaps going to charter a bus to the march. If not I will drive myself and try to bring as many people as I can.

  19. We are heading our from Lawrence, Ks in the morning, taking a scenic route and connecting with five family members and more of their friends in VA. We’ll be a party of at least 10!! Save a spot!

  20. We’ll be there!

  21. I think I already registered. Either way, I’ll be there!

  22. I plan on attending the rally. I am very ashamed of any human being that doesn’t want a change to the current healthcare system we have. I am willing to give up several things in order to help pay for a public option. What would I give up? Downloading songs to my Ipod, Netflix, buying books, etc. That’s a good $100. It may not be a great deal but a little somthing to help will go a long way. What are you willing to give up? Those against a government backed plan, do well to remember Medicade and Medicare help millions in this country. Without them we would have far more without supplemental insurance.

  23. If the door don’t open, keeping knocking. Today is September 23, 2009!

    NOTE: It this comment does not agree with the “on” date, disregard it.

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