M. Bunk Up – Share a Ride

If you have room in your car, want to charter a bus or need a ride AND if you want a friendly roommate – Post your your need or want OR you kind generosity here. This is an open comment page. Hook up!

Don’t forget to mention where you’re coming from and your email address.



17 Responses

  1. I live in south Jersey, Marlton, and can offer a bedroom with a double bed if you know of anyone who needs housing.

  2. Am leaving Friday morning and returning monday morning for anyone needing a ride.

  3. oops! I will be leaving from Northern Westchester, NY

  4. I am leaving Friday morning at 5:00am. This is from Delray Beach Florida. If anyone wants to share gas, let me know.

    Fired Up!
    Ready to Go!

    • My sister and I will be in of Friday …We’ll be coming in on Amtrak…I’m coming from PA, she’s picking up the train in Baltimore. Arriving in D.C. mid afternoon.

      We’ll be staying here through Monday morning. We most likely cannot accommodate anyone overnight (one king size bed), but could probably allow people to freshen up. Hopefully the hotel staff won’t have an issue with that.

      Hotel Helix – Washington, DC (Dupont Circle)

      1430 Rhode Island Avenue NW, Washington DC 20005

      At any rate, we should get together for dinner or cocktails! Anyone here is welcome to call me.

      This is my cell number 215.620.3130


  5. I am handicapped – live in Virginia but need someone to help me once I’m at the rally. I’m in a wheelchair.

    • I am in Falls Church and can both drive you and help you once there. Email me at graciego95 at yahoo.com

  6. Driving from Baltimore Sunday morning. I have empty seats that are available on a first-come basis. Respond here and leave me some way to contact you.


    • Please contact me at 410-728-3970 if you still have space.

    • know it’s last minute, but if you still have a spot I need to find a ride…

  7. going to asheville NC and catching a charted bus to come
    we three are from Western North Carolina

    • I’m going to be on that bus too! I wish we could get enought people leaving from Asheville to have 2 buses!!

  8. I can provide housing in NoVA for 2-4 people (2 BRs, each with a double bed). I plan to attend the rally and work/have parking in DC so some people could ride in with me or you can take the Metro from the next neighborhood over…

  9. We live in Fairfax County, VA. Will be going to March on Sunday. We have sleeping space for 4-6 people, if a few are willing to sleep on floor.

    We do have dogs, in case anyone has allergies or fear.

    • Just hope they are not blue dogs…

  10. I have space for folks to bunk. Near Union Station/Senate Park.

    (202) 547-3850

  11. Thank you all for marching for US and In case you missed this

    Former Labor Secretary Robert Reich on the road forward.

    The Final Sprint for Health Care Has Now Begun, and Where the White House is Placing Its Bets


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