B. Details – Where and When

Scroll down for directions to Upper Senate Park.

Update: September 11, 2009

Attention Groups Arriving to D.C. by Bus
Reservations for bus parking at Union Station are accepted until 3 pm today (Friday, September 11), by fax at 202 898-1955 (Attention: Mike). An agent will call back for credit card information and you will receive a fax of the receipt and a ticket to display on your dashboard. The reservation rate is $50 for 7 am Sunday to 7 am Monday. Unreserved parking rates are $20 for the same period. Unreserved parking is likely to be available, but there is no guarantee. Contact Union Station parking (202-898-1950) today (Friday, September 11, 9 am – 5 pm) for availability, bus parking rates and information. The Union Station Parking office is not open on the weekend.

Travel by Metro
Location: Constitution Ave NW & Delaware Ave NE, Washington, DC 20001, USA
Located north of Constitution Avenue, northwest of The Capitol, adjacent to Russell Senate Office Building

Metro Stations close to your location
1 0.3 miles Union Station
701 First St. NE,Washington DC 20002 Directions
2 0.5 miles Capitol South (Station Page)
355 First Street SE,Washington DC 20003 Directions
3 0.61 miles Federal Center SW (Station Page)
401 3rd Street SW,Washington DC 20024 Directions


Constitution Ave. and Delaware Ave. NE
Washington, DC 20002


Neighborhood: Capitol Hill

Metro: Judiciary Square (Red Line)

Venue Type: Park – Neighborhoods

Hours: Open daily, dawn to dusk

Sunday, September 13, 2009


Washington, D.C.

Arrival – about one hour prior to start.

All buses must be directed to Union Station.

There is parking on the back side of the Capitol Building and handicap parking near the Washington Monument.


18 Responses

  1. We hope that thousands of people will show up at the rally. I have encouraged all my friends in Nevada to join us and I hope each of you will do the same thing in your state. We’ll try to convince our blue dog congresswoman to vote for the public option and will thank Harry Reid for his leadership on this vital issue.

    • Not everyone can go to DC on the 13th. and rallies are being planned in cities across the USA! I am from Tampa FL and I am looking for members from your organization that reside in the I-4 corridor that want to participate in an event here in Tampa. Please let me know. We need lots of people!

  2. Will there be rallies on the same date/time in capital cities across America for those of us who can’t make the trip to DC?

    • I have heard of at least 60 rally’s being planned for the 13th across the country. However, I am sure there are many, many more. To find out if there are any being planned in your area the local radio or TV stations may know. If there are none in your area, plan one!

    • http://marchforhealthcare.com/events
      Sept 13th all across the country. Hope you find one near you

  3. I wish we could be with you on the 13th!
    We are an ad hoc group of citizens on the Big Island of Hawaii who are organizing march on Washington DC on Thursday, Oct. 1 to support single-payer universal health care. It is just coincidental that the MadAsHell Doctors and MillionMedMarch will all be congregating there on the same day!

    But it works for all of us and adds to the critical mass that Washington — from the President on through Congress and down to the lowest insurance lobbyist — needs to physically SEE how many Americans demand this medical reform!

    If anyone isn’t able to support AUHCR’s rally on the 13th, please try to join us on Thursday, Oct. 1. We figure there’s going to be a lot of people wanting to show their frustration with the leadership in Washington. So show up when you can!

    Please email frankiestapleton@hotmail.com if you can aid our campaign in any way, particularly in helping mobilize the public. Thank you so very much for your consideration of this request. Frankie Stapleton 808.965.8945

  4. How do I find out more about buses leaving from Connecticut?

    I would like to go but I would not drive myself; I’m not a very good driver.

    Would it be the Organizing for CT website?


    Sue Campbell Schneider
    Waterford, CT 06385

  5. I received an email yesterday telling me that the parks department said there is no permit and marchers will be turned away in DC. The the mall is reserved for the Black Family Reunion. Any truth to that?

    • We have a permit for our rally. The U.S. Parks would not know of a permit issued by the Capitol Police. Please meet at the Upper Senate Park per the Details: When and Where.

  6. folks are looking for a rally in Los angeles, so those who cant be in DC can support. Anything?

    • checkout http://www.march4healthcare.com for rallies in your area. there is one in la. im going to sf.

  7. Hi, we are Roma Bakery and Deli in Albuquerque and we are longtime advertisers on progressive talk radio here. We just talked to our account exec at KABQ and bought every available spot between now and Sunday at noon (our time) urging all our customers and everyone listening to attend the local Health Care Rally at the Albuquerque Civic Plaza, Sunday noon to 2:00pm, which will be held in sympathy with your rally in Washington. We thought it was the least we could do. Also, there are bright yellow fliers for the event up at our sales counter and posted in our windows. NOW IS THE SEASON!

  8. Eeeeks! Looks like the gathering point has changed?!

    The first news release said to meet at the Lincoln Memorial for a walk through the mall to the capitol. This latest notice states that the gathering place is Upper Senate Park. That’s a LONG way from the Lincoln Memorial! Which is correct? What a confusing change!

    I guess I’ll go with this latest posting, and will try to reach my friends who will otherwise be unhappily waiting at the Lincoln.

    I hope we meet up.


    • We are comin from all over the country! See you all tomorrow at Upper Senate Park! We will be the one with the red 5′ banner that says Yes To Health Care Reform!

    • Someone in change please respond to this question. It is important! I have the same question and can see this becoming a complete debacle if this is not cleared up. Thanks and looking forward to tomorrow.

      • We have changed location to the Upper Senate Park because of all the 9/12 tea-baggers. The Upper Senate Park is safer. I have spoken with the Capitol Police and with Security for the Capitol Building. I believe they are adding extra security for us. Safety is the first issue.

    • Lenore. I changed the location because of the 9/12 tea-baggers and because Congressman Fattah did not secure the grounds for a health reform rally by withdrawing his resolution. I secured a permit for the Upper Senate Park. Personally, after speaking to the Capitol Police and Capitol Security, I believe the Upper Senate Park is the best and safest place for us to rally. I have tried very hard to notify everyone but may have missed some. Please excuse me. The rally will be absolutely awesome! Be safe.


  9. is there any buses leaving minnesota or an event planned for Mpls/St Paul ???

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