Thank You – from the cornfields in Iowa

Now that the 2010 midterm elections are over and John Boehner will become Speaker of the House, his priority is to repeal and replace HR3962, the Affordable Health Care for Americans Act.

The Republicans/Tea Party will use it’s machine and lobbying efforts to fill the airwaves with misinformation about health care reform, just like they did in 2009.

Please use these pages to help get the correct information out and save health care reform.



From Sergio:

“I was pleased by the turnout… ~900 people signed in, and many others did not, so I’d say we had somewhere around  1200-1500. When we arrived at 10:30am we set up two sign-in booths and signage, and when a good number of people were there, we started marching around the perimeter until the stage was set. A friend of mine came through with a good sound system and Miles and I kicked off the open mic. with a chant. These people were energized and it didn’t seem to make a difference to them that Glen Beck’s event was much bigger. We were all moved by the stories and the passion that our roster of 20+ speakers shared with us.”

From John:

“Thanks, Sergio and Miles.  And, thanks to everyone who helped to make this happen!
I really appreciated the stories shared by many, some heart-wrenching, some bold and determined and all for health care reform!
I also liked the spontaneous ground swell for rallying in D.C, starting with Julie’s dream and spreading out across the county.  We had folks from California, Texas, Wisconsin, New York, Ohio, Florida, North Carolina and more.  We did it without any big organizational support (no OFA, no DNC, no, no HCAN).  It was truly grassroots.”

“It was mostly the warmth that filled me up and made me proud to be an American attending a rally in Our Nation’s Capital.  People smiled at us as we approached.  A few people asked to take our picture.  We had great signs and my kids are the cutest ever, so it was to be expected.  **Lowers Eyes Modestly**

Honestly, it was a great crowd.  We marched around the central fountain, chanting, “No is Not an Option!”, and “What do we want? Healthcare! When do we want it? Now!”  My husband threw in his own special chant, that no one seemed to pick up, “Joe Wilson’s Mama Drives a Picklewagon!”

We listened to story after story on the loudspeaker.  Stories of lost loved ones, of coverage denied for life-sustaining treatments because of pre-existing conditions like teen-age acne, of uninsured adults who feared the one accident or health condition that would ruin their health, their finances, and their lives.  The crowd around me nodded and cheered and booed and chanted.”

ABC/7 Report


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14 Responses

  1. Bravo! I protest with heart, I love it! And a grassroots one, done by the people and not the big organizations is the best!

    Well done to all involved! Extra big kudo to Julie for making it happen!

  2. So proud of us all.What a tribute to the grass roots.Now we must send a petition to the senators that are on the egde .We can publish it on KOS.

  3. Love the signs .My Mom would say that that guy with the hemmoroids had a pain where a pill don’t reach.

    • Lord, you’re funny!

  4. What a great day yesterday was. I left the rally filled with hope and patriotism! I just want to thank you all for organizing the rally and we plan to come to the BIG one in October. We can’t stop now. Lives are at stake!
    I am more energized since the rally and am determined to do everything I personally can to make this dream a reality!
    Oh, and by the way, I was the lady that ended my time on the mike yesterday by quoting the late, great Senator Edward M. Kennedy.
    Hope to see you all again in October.
    What do we want?
    Health care!
    When do we want it?
    FIred up.
    Ready to go.
    Let’s show the POTUS that this country still has patriots, not hatriots!

    • Oh I forgot to mention my favorite chant from yesterday’s rally and march!
      “Obama, you da man
      We dig your plan”!

  5. No OFA support? Maybe we didn’t get a million people out there Sunday, but OFA members were happy to attend and help get the word out for others to attend. In fact the one (Julie) who originated the idea, worked hard, and gave us all our inspiration did sign up with OFA on the website and let us know about the event on our listings.

    Saying we are “grass roots” (and I still believe we are) is nice, but all of us involved in advancing the cause should be truly united, and not try to separate ourselves into small groups. This gives the impression that we acknowledge the Far Right’s vilification of a certain group because they’ve framed one or two bad apples in a given group. We have to be a bit tough because working for a cause can get tough.

    Here is is how the opposition has been so successful: They claimed the grass roots label, and maybe they did start out that way. They networked at the Town Hall meetings. Now compare the Tea Party Express bus tour website with the “Tea Party Movement Goes To Capitol Hill” website. You see logos and links for “Freedomworks”, “Our Country Deserves Better”, “Free Republic”, and “Parcbench”. These were all sponsors with money and connections working together. Then they had Glenn Beck and other so-called “reporters” holding microphones with the words “Fox News” cheering up the crowds at events. Tough competition. Of course our behavior is better than theirs.

    Nevertheless, I believe Sunday’s rally was quite successful! Kudos to Americans United for Health Care and Insurance Reform. I hope you now consider me to be a foot soldier amongst your ranks. Before the process is through, we may still have that million person rally. Best of luck to us all.

    • Some great photos of Sunday’s rally are on

      Here is the direct link/url to the photos:

  6. I rode up on the bus from Asheville, NC with Leslie Boyd & group. It was a wonderful day! It was worth the long bus ride to and from AVL to be a part of this small, but awesome crowd of patriotic, caring, passionate people!!

  7. Great rally. I was, dare I say, inspired.

    Anyone else got photos online?

  8. I was there and the vibe was great. I am doing everything I can to get the word out, that we need to let Washington know that there are more pro-healthcare reform supporters then anti-healthcare. What date is the rally in Oct.???? I have posted a video of some pics from the rally on facebook and youtube.
    Please check it out:

    I also joined Coffe Party on facebook/ (The answer to anti- healthcare reform).
    Please check it out and join,

    Hope to see everyone again in Oct.

  9. Hey, hate to be a nag, but….weren’t we told that another, bigger rally is being planned for October? I realize that it probable isn’t all planned yet, but could you mention it. Let people know we are having another, bigger one. Or is not going to happen now?
    It is only a few weeks until October! I plan to post the details for the newest rally everywhere and try to get us some coverage, but I can’t do that if I dont
    know any details..LOL.
    We gotta keep fighting!

  10. I was wondering about October myself. I haven’t heard anything. I finally uploaded a few photos that I took on the 13th to my myspace. I don’t know if this will link or not, but you can copy & past the URL. Yes, we DO need to KEEP FIGHTING!

  11. While selecting an affordable medical insurance plan that has great coverage can be a difficult task, especially in the current state
    of the economy, our health is still our most valuable asset and it is very important to protect it as much as possible.
    We should make it even more essential to truly understand the importance of global medical insurance and who to go about finding it.

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