Venue and Instructions

Americans United for Health Care and Insurance Reform
September 13, 2009, 12Noon – 5pm
Upper Senate Park / Constitution Ave and Delaware Avenue NE


The location has changed from a march from the Lincoln Memorial to the Capitol to a rally at the Upper Senate Park.

All buses must be routed through Union Station. There will be no bus parking at the Upper Senate Park.

The Upper Senate Park permit will be issued to Julie Paulsen and Americans United for Health Care and Insurance Reform. Those rallying from other groups, not associated to Americans United for Health Care and Insurance Reform, may be asked to leave. The Upper Senate Park must be thoroughly cleaned up after the rally. All trash is to be disposed of in proper receptacles.

This rally is to be peaceful not a demonstration. Singing, chanting, speeches, stories of health care difficulties and peaceful participation is expected. Obstructive yelling, screaming, fighting or name calling is not acceptable. If we are approached by GOP, right-wing, 9/12 demonstrators the rule of thumb is to ignore them. We are not to acknowledge their presence. If that goal cannot be obtained you may have officials remove them. This is our rally for health care reform.

If approached by the media our response should be similar, if not identical, to White House health care insurance reform verbiage. If asked about GOP, right-wing myths on health care reform persons should be directed to White

Each participant, who is staying through Monday, is asked to set up an appointment with their congressman and senators to discuss their support of health care and insurance reform. This meeting will probably with an aide.

If asked Americans United for Health Care and Insurance Reform is not affiliated with Organizing for America or the Democratic National Committee or affiliated with any other groups, special interests or lobbying forums. Americans United for Health Care and Insurance Reform is a grassroots organization. Neither Julie Paulsen or members of Americans United for Health Care and Insurance Reform will not be held liable for property, personal property, person(s) or actions of any person, group or association.


Leslie Boyd has asked to speak to the group about her son’s fight against insurance companies and health care institutions. Her son, Mike, not only lost his fight with institutions, but also his life.

J.A. Ribelles, MD has asked to speak about analysis of the causes of run away costs and the measures to be implemented to contain them


9 Responses

  1. Julie,
    Did you find someone to pick up the permit? Will Watson in DC has offered to help and can pick it up. His phone number is: 202-607-7082. Did you arrange for porta-potties, a microphone? How many people do you expect? I received a call from a German television station, did you? I will not arrive until Sat afternoon and can help to try and make arrangements tomorrow. Feel free to call me at 405-517-4754.

    • The permit and sound system is in hand.


  2. Will there be some folks to redirect everyone from the Lincoln Memorial and Capitol lawn to the new venue? (Some may not have gotten the message).

    • Yes, There will be some wrap up details put on Saturday evening. There will be people posted at the Lincoln Memorial pointing folks in the right direction.


  3. I highly reccomend anyone arriving by bus, use the facilities there, before heading to the rally! (whether you think you need to or not, lol) And don’t drink a lot! (I hate port-a-johns anyway) My husband who goes to rallys in DC says there are never enough American flags. We are every bit as patriotic as the teabaggers and it doesn’t hurt to show it. Don’t forget to wear comfortable walking shoes! (we all know that right?) What can I forget for the bus trip from Asheville? See everyone soon!!

  4. I will be flying in from Texas on Saturday with a friend. Look forward to seeing all of you there on Sunday!

  5. I first read about the rally from an event listing by Julie on OFA website but now I read that there is no connection with OFA and that people from groups other than Americans United might be asked to leave. Can I come and support you anyway if I rally peacefully? Also tell her thanks for all her efforts and I hope everything is OK with her loved one that has been in and out of the hospital.

    • I am the OFA Julie. This is the same rally. I tried to identify Americans United for Health Care and Insurance Reform on both web sites.

      You most certainly may come. We’ll see you at the Upper Senate Park! Be safe and thank you.

  6. […] pro-Obamacare supporters. Oops. I guess all their pre-existing conditions kept them from coming. Here is a link to the organizers, who tell potential attendees to avoid the use of their freedom of speech with anyone who might […]

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