Yesterday, right after Elizabeth King from Congressman Fattah’s office emailed me and told me that the Congressman had withdrawn his resolution to make September 13th the day to rally for health care in Washington, D.C. and, within his resolution, the parks and Capitol areas in WDC, to be available to marches and rallies…..well, I did a major meltdown. The Congressman left us holding the bag. Miles emailed me the form for the permit and I filled it out and faxed it to the Capitol Police then I immediately got on the phone with my Senator Harkin (D-IA) for help securing a permit, I shot off an email to the White House and one to Congressman Fattah’s office to help us secure a permit because there is a five day waiting period for a permit – we were at four days.

I believe that there are Angels of Mercy. We’ve had a hectic month. My health is down the tubes and this month my husband, Jack, has been in and out of Mercy Medical Center twice this month. This morning I had to bring him home, again, from the hospital. One of the messages waiting for me on the phone message machine was from Officer Garrison of the Capitol Police (I had spoken to him twice yesterday). He could not guarantee anything, but he had been put in charge of our request for a permit. We went through the details and it looks like we have the Upper Senate Park which holds 2,500. WE CANNOT MARCH FROM THE LINCOLN MEMORIAL. Because of his kindness I want to let everyone know to MEET at the Upper Senate Park.

Again, I believe that there are Angels of Mercy at work here.

Officer Garrison also told me that any and ALL buses must be directed to Union Station. There is no bus parking.

Now, the bad news. I can’t come. My priority is Jack. So I need a ‘go to’ person, at the rally. This permit is in my name. I am responsible for this rally and for picking up the litter, making sure the area is clean after the rally and securing the area. Spotless, because they are not asking for an insurance bond. This person would also have to pick up the permit in the Capitol Police office, Special Events Unit, 119 D St., NE on FRIDAY – tomorrow. They are open until 6:00pm. I believe the later you get there, the better. There phone number is 202.224.8891. The officer to ask for is Officer Garrison.

Again, there is no guarantee here, but I feel that someone has our back.



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  1. Isn’t the Lincoln Memorial reserved for a healthcare march organized by “OFA” (Organizing for America- Obama’s former Obama for America). Why not march with them instead of splitting up into smaller groups?

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