Update August 25, 2009

Where:  Washington, D.C.

When:   September 13, 2009

Time:     12Noon – 5pm

Gathering spot:  Gather near the Lincoln Memorial and march to the steps of the Capitol Building via the National Mall.  Our rally and march will be peaceful.  We will meet opposition with silence.  We will not incite or invite violence.  Our goal is to let congress know that Americans need health care and insurance reform.

Former Labor Secretary, Robert Reich, has lent his support to Americans United for Health Care and Insurance Reform:

8/20/2009 8:58am

Dear Julie,

I’m not an organizer, have “no efforts,” and have no particular preference for one day over another. I just want Congress to know how many Americans want universal health care and will settle for no less than complete coverage and no less than a public insurance option, to keep private insurers honest. So I’m happy to lend my support to whatever you are doing. (I hear that right-wing tea-partiers are planning a DC rally for September 12, which may cause the media to treat any progressive march that day more as a controversy than as an affirmative statement of conviction, but that kind of strategizing is beyond my pay grade.)

All best to you,

Robert Reich

This group is not affiliated with Organizing for America or the Democratic National Committee.  We will rally with other groups on September 13th, but we are not affiliated with any other groups, special interests or lobbying forums.


One Response

  1. I’m sorry I missed the rally. What can I do now to help? We need another rally and a turnout that brings the spirit of the election back to life. We won, guys. Now we have to march to remind everybody.

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